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Homeopathy A Holistic Treatment

A Holistic, an effective as well as side-effect free pathy

The homeopathy in contrast to allopathy is an alternate system of medicine based on the belief that the body cures itself and unquestionably it proves that it is effective and appropriate. Above all, more than 200 million people use homeopathy worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

Meaning of Homeopathy

This Pathy follows the doctrine of “Similia Similbus Curentur” which means like cures like. The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek word Homoios & Patheia. The word Homoios(homeo)- similar, of the same kind and the word pathy from Patheia- disease, feeling.

The followers of homeopathy believes that a substance that causes the symptoms of disease in a healthy person would cure similar symptoms in sick person. Last but not the least homeopathy follows the holistic approach. This means each person is treated as unique individual. His body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management and prevention of disease. Considering all these factors, the Homeopath will select the most appropriate medicine which is based on the individual’s particular symptoms and personal level of health.

Actually, The homeopaths works in the same way as all other conventional doctors. The treatment comprises a similar step work as follows:

  • Firstly there is History Taking

  • Secondly the Examination

  • Thirdly the Investigation and then

  • Diagnosis

  • Prescription

The method of prescribing the medicine is faraway different from them. This involves the selection of most particular symptom in the individual and then the prescription of medicine on that very particular symptom. This all leads us to the second cornerstone principle of homeopathy which is 'single remedy'. This principle explains that to one patient we give only one medicine after the proper case taking and the selection of those particular symptoms.

Taking into consideration the two major principles of this alternate system of medicine homeopathy differs from all other conventional pathies, treating the patients with holistic approach with no side effects.

Homeopathy a holistic & an effective approach

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Sharvari Mohite
Sharvari Mohite
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VeryF nice and informative article about the treatments and effects of homeopathy. Got a lot to know. if you want to get more information about homeopathy you can check website -

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