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Our Story

Mohan Wellness Clinic @ Mohan Homeopathy Clinic has garnered huge recognition for providing homoeopathy remedies that help in alleviating pain without any side effects. Our clinic, Mohan Wellness was set up in 1995 with a vision to offer an effective and systematic medicinal approach to pull a pause to the recurring health issues. We have 25 years of experience in restoring health from sickness permanently. Rely on our homoeopathy experts in Toronto for the safest remedies at affordable prices.Our wellness clinic strives to provide every patient with a holistic, individualized approach to health. Our expert medical practitioners employ the best of their knowledge and extensive experience to detect the underlying cause of an ailment and offer the best homeopathic remedial solutions. We aim at providing gentle and rapid cure by strictly evaluating the present symptoms and medical history of a patient. Our clinic is equipped with modern instruments, used by our practitioners to restore the intricate health functions. The health experts in our clinic combine homoeopathic treatment with natural remedies like yoga and freehand exercises for a speedy recovery. They provide individualized solutions that prevent the recurrence of the acute symptoms of an ailment. We readily focus on improving the health of a patient by adopting a holistic approach.At Mohan Homeopathy Clinic, we offer treatments for wide-ranging diseases starting from skin disorders to autism with utmost care. We are committed to providing homeopathy treatment of the highest standard by focusing on the individual needs of each patient. Our homoeopath experts are trained in implementing various methodologies of homoeopathy remedies that are best suited for an individual. The surge in the preference of homoeopathy demands us to remain well-versed in the natural art and intricate science behind such an age-old medicinal form to ensure that our patients receive treatment of foremost quality.We mostly recommend homeopathy oral medications like pills or liquid mixtures to eradicate health troubles. Also, we deliver the best-in-class acupuncture and massage therapies that work wonders for healing certain diseases. The peaceful ambience of our massage parlour, the relaxing acupuncture, and massage therapies can offer you peace of mind and enable you to have a quick escape from your health-related worries. Our goal at Mohan Homeopathy Clinic - Mohan Wellness is to provide innovative natural care remedies to our patients in Toronto and surrounding areas. We have successfully created a credible team of expert homoeopathy doctors and trained therapists to optimize the wellness of our patients.Our integrative approach assures that every facet of one’s health is carefully assessed and well-supported by our professional team. Our remedies are indeed the perfect amalgamation of medical care and natural health. We ensure to provide homoeopathic treatment of the highest standards for internal healing while taking optimal care of one’s body externally through Massage therapy. 
Do you want to get quick relief from the existing health conditions? If you’re looking for a one-stop clinic to heal both internally and externally, feel free to rely on us. Consult us today to schedule an appointment with one of our homeopaths or massage therapists in Scarborough, Ontario.


Meet the Team

Jaininder Mohan

Jaininder Mohan


My interest in Homeopathic Medicine initiated through witnessing the positive impacts homeopathic medicine has had on individuals. Growing up, I got the chance to witness my grand-father and uncle treat individuals through the use of homeopathic medicine. Through witnessing the positive impacts of homeopathy, I became passionate and interested in learning more about the field of care. As a result, I decided to pursue a career in homeopathy of which I graduated from in 1993.
As a licensed Homeopathic Consultant, I have been providing ongoing consultations and medication in treating acute and chronic conditions such as endocrine, respiratory, mental health, renal, urinary, cardiovascular and many more. I have been working and treating individuals in the Toronto population since 1995. From my passion of helping others, I further pursued a career in massage therapy and acupuncture. I became registered with the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario in 2003 and the College of Acupuncturists of Ontario in 2017. I continue to practice as a regulated professional of Homeopathy, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture in Ontario in multidisciplinary clinics.

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Naina Arora Chawla Hom

Naina Arora Chawla


Naina Arora Chawla is a practising homoeopath registered with both the Punjab Homeopathy Council (India) and also Ontario College of Homeopath (Canada). She has pursued her Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery from Punjab University Chandigarh and also Post-Grad Diploma in Public Healthcare Administration from Canadore College, Ontario.
She has been a devout student of Homeopathy since her college days and now at her young age she has not just completed her 3 year practice in India but has also left a mark of her efficient services in Canada working at Mohan Wellness with numerous satisfied patients from treatment advanced.
Ms. Naina is open to all other systems of medicines and healing. She believes that every system of medicine/healing has its own advantages and limitations complementing each other and can also work together keeping only the well-being of the patient in mind. She is a firm believer of the homeopathic principles and constitutional homeopathy but at same time she also understands the modern trends of ever changing lifestyles and with this leading approach she has developed her unique way of relieving patients of their suffering from the core while maintaining the good old efficacy of homeopathy. Ms. Naina aims to heal her patients in the shortest possible time knowing that time is an absolute and precious commodity.

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Vidhi Chawla

Vidhi Chawla


Vidhi Chawla as a Nutritionist, love to take a holistic approach towards her clients and aim not to provide temporary relief but long term sustainable health. She has always been passionate about helping her clients in improving their lifestyle through diet, exercise, stress management, etc. 
She has always aimed of leaving an impact on her patients following her holistic approach, thus she chose to be a certified nutritionist and ever since then Vidhi Chawla has helped numerous patients in weight managing, lifestyle enhancements, etc. to help them feel more energetic and happy about themselves.

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